Be yourself

In all honesty guys. it’s good material, it’s not meant to make you jealous, it’s meant to make you happy.  Buy it, I made it for you!  You will forgive me for taking a small compensation in order to support my work and life and make more material for you?  Them’s the breaks kid – be the first of your friends to own the material that nobody else has!  Why do you want to be Stacy Gunn?  You get to own it if you buy it, what’s better than that, then you can be free to be yourself!  I happen to be actually be Stacy Gunn and it’s a pain in the ass often I tell you so be happy to be yourself and enjoy it!  Remember, the only content which has longevity and will stay is the CD’s.  Everything else is temporary.  Buy something that stands the test of time, I made it like that, instead of throw-away artists with empty promises!  We’re sick of it!

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